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We provide a full range of Landscape Architectural‭ ‬Design Services

to individuals and public‭ / ‬government or private agencies and companies‭. ‬We enjoy the‭ ‬variety of scale‭ ‬from small villas to Master Planning for Universities and Urban Environments‭. ‬



We are energetic and focused no matter the scale of‭ ‬project‭, ‬we are creative and pragmatic and always‭ ‬intense about the

attention to detail‭.‬

Hardscape and Softscape Design

There are two main functions in Landscape which are Hardscape and Softscape Design that‭  ‬includes all plant‭  ‬and mate als considered for scope of design‭. ‬We develop the softscape layouts such as‭; ‬lawns‭, ‬grasses‭, ‬shrubs and trees grow into a design whether for‭ ‬immediate effect or 5‭ ‬years or 25‭ ‬years into the future‭. ‬


We consider color‭, ‬size‭, ‬structure‭, ‬seasons of interest‭, ‬flowering‭, ‬texture‭, ‬size and growth rate‭, ‬and the ever necessary concerns about water wise planting and sustainability of designs‭. ‬


The Hardscape represents everything else‭; ‬the paving‭, ‬shade structure‭, ‬pergolas‭,  ‬walls‭, ‬steps‭,  ‬level changes‭, ‬mate als accents of water features or pools‭, ‬access to views‭, ‬and circulation and utilizations of the property‭. ‬The best designers consider‭ ‬both hardscape and softscape as complements to create an overall complete beautiful natural design sense of space‭.‬


Planting Design

We have a long history of work in Oman‭, ‬the Gulf Region and the Middle East‭ . ‬We know which plants are successful and can create micro-climates to extend the palette of plants‭. ‬There is no planting design better than creating a design‭ ‬with‭ ‬“The Right Plant in the Right Place”‭. ‬We have vast knowledge of plants in this region and consider the practical aspects of water requirements‭, ‬and artistic aspects‭ ‬of cultural uses‭, ‬color‭, ‬texture‭, ‬foliage flower and form‭.‬

Water Features and Swimming Pools

This part of the world has a close integrated relationship with water‭. ‬Water is seen functionally as a necessity and inspirationally as a cooling retreat even music in its movement in falaj or cascades running water in the garden‭. ‬


We can create a modern Swimming Pool or Fountain or simple falaj connecting your garden elements‭. ‬The water can be dramatic accent or cooling quiet natural pools‭. ‬We can design water and relief in a garden or focus for a grand‭  ‬space or entrance‭.‬


Irrigation Design

Our planting designs require the correct form of‭ ‬Irrigation in the region‭, ‬or specialists design systems that are efficient and easy to maintain‭. ‬We can provide simple manual and automatic systems for the homeowner that guarantees healthy and lush‭ ‬planting and lawns or complex expandable systems that are water wise and can expand with the size of the project or future developments‭.‬

Site Selection and Analysis

For client developing commercial or complex ventures and mixed use projects‭, ‬we can provide the understanding about‭ ‬space planning and environment to help in the selection of parcels or plots of land or analyze them to maximize usability‭ ‬and function‭. ‬A sound feasibility plan is something we believe in as designers‭. ‬We are trained to understand the capacity‭ ‬of land and take advantage of environmental assets‭, ‬location‭, ‬and views to create an overall winning project‭. ‬We can assemble the technical teams necessary to insure all geotechnical and environment issues are addressed early in a project‭.  ‬


Master Planning

We can provide a full range of planning services from larger projects‭, ‬new communities‭, ‬resorts‭, ‬commercial or hotel developments‭. ‬We are all about organizing the spaces between buildings‭. ‬In all designs‭, ‬the approved master plan is the starting point for good design‭.‬

Urban Design

Our landscape Architects spent years developing streetscape improvement‭ ‬programs in urban communities in the USA and Europe‭. ‬Most of the experience involved infill projects and massing studies for communities in transition whether from amazing growth or disasters economic variations‭. ‬


We like working with planning agencies and communities to provide a vision for the inclusion of green spaces in the urban fabric‭.‬

01 (391).JPG

‭ ‬Recreation Facilities

Our design team works well with communities and municipalities in the design and programming of recreational facilities‭. ‬We design Urban Parks‭, ‬continuous green ways parks‭, ‬sports fields‭, ‬Waterfront areas‭, ‬children’s play grounds‭. ‬We find recreational planning a part of an overall master planning urban design function approach to cities or communities‭.‬

Construction Supervision

Since we are designers‭, ‬we like to see the projects completed as designed and to the client’s demands‭. ‬We offer complete on site‭, ‬site supervision services for landscape‭, ‬irrigation and planting works‭. ‬We have years of construction‭ ‬experience so we can easily make sure a client is getting the design and implementation he expected‭. ‬We can provide on-site engineering presence or periodic site observation by our design team‭. ‬


No project runs perfectly smoothly‭, ‬we are talented and creative with‭ ‬“Design in the Field”‭ ‬often a on-site problem‭ ‬

arises and a simple sketch can resolve‭. ‬we look after the project and the client‭.‬


Landscape Construction

We are successfully doing all kind of Landscape executions‭, ‬as Indoor and Outdoor‭, ‬with Natural and Artificial elements‭. ‬It includes Landscape Civil work such as Natural stone cladded planter boxes‭, ‬Water features‭, ‬Curved seating‭, ‬Artificial lake‭, ‬Walk ways and Swimming pools‭,  ‬Planting as per the Landscape layout such as Fancy palms‭, ‬Date palms‭, ‬Large flowering trees‭, ‬Shaded trees‭, ‬Fruit trees‭, ‬Shrubs‭, ‬Grass‭, ‬Ground covers‭ & ‬Lawn‭. ‬Irrigation work as Sprinkler irrigation for Lawn and Drip irrigation for other plants with booster pump set and automatic irrigation control system‭.‬

Landscape Maintenance

We are conducting‭  ‬all kind of Landscape maintenance based on the AMC‭. ‬Landscape maintenance as we considered full time and part‭ ‬time scope of work‭. ‬We will study the site operation firstly and will provide a suitable maintenance proposal as per the scope‭ ‬of work need to do at site‭. ‬In Landscape Maintenance includes‭ , ‬periodic fertilization for all plants as per the required intervals‭, ‬removal of weeds from the bed area‭, ‬trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs‭, ‬changing the seasonal plants as per the season changes‭, ‬Lawn mowing by machine weekly once or twice‭,  ‬checking the irrigation water delivery points such as cleaning or replacing emitters‭, ‬sprinklers‭. ‬Using permissible pesticide for all infected plants till the plants comes to life‭. ‬Landscape maintenance is the main scope of sustain a good‭ ‬garden as long‭.‬

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